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Team Oregon Coaching Education Program

For Organizations Needing Trained Running Coaches

The Team Oregon Coaching Education Program seeks to provide trained individuals to work with adult road runners at all levels, beginner to advanced. By offering a coaching education programs for road running, it is hoped that more individuals will be attracted to the sport, and more importantly, by working with a coach to train intelligently, these individuals will be able to extend their running careers, have more fun running, and minimize the risks of overuse injuries.

Over 2200 coaches in the US and 4 foriegn countries have been trained using our programs.

Coaching Education Classes



The Team Oregon programs focus on issues specific to adult road running and racing, including coaching fundamentals, scientific background and the establishment of training plans and goals to help athletes reach their running potential. Whether the goals are race specific or general fitness, programs will provide the background and training to work with individual runners and training groups.

Prerequisites: Participants should be active runners with an interest in improving their own running or in coaching others. Intellectual interest in the sport helps as does seeking information about running from sports scientists and experienced coaches.

Programs consist of class lectures and practical group exercises. There is an online multiple choice exam with immediate results.



Curriculum includes:

Basis of Coaching and Training

  • coaching fundamentals and philosophies
  • laws of training
  • exercise physiology and energy systems
  • sports nutrition
  • sports psychology
  • injury prevention and treatment

Techniques of Training

  • training cycles
  • training progressions
  • race planning and recovery
  • effort based and heart rate training
  • individualization of coaching
  • developing training and racing plans

Participants will receive training materials and access to online tests.

Programs stress the continuing education needed to be successful as a coach. The learning never ends.

Program Details and Cost

Programs can be customized for the requesting organizations needs and cost is negociable.

Continuing Education Credits

The American College of Sports Medicine's Professional Education Committee certifies that this offering meets the criteria for 16.0 credit hours of ACSM Continuing Education Credit.

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