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Marathon Clinic News 07/09/12

Portland Marathon Clinic

In this issue:

1) Evening Seminar #4 July 10
2) FREE Training Run July14
3) Carpool Lot Directions
3) FREE Training Run July 21
4) Volunteers Needed
5) Training Tips

Evening Seminar July 10
Seminar Four of the Training Clinic is 7PM Tuesday July 12th at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center, 19300 SW 65th Avenue, Tualatin, OR 97062 . For map see http://www.teamoregon.com/maps/index.php?id=1542 The clinic will discuss the marathon specific speed work plus a panel of experienced group leaders with tips on marathoning. You will get a look at the marathon course and strategies for dealing with the heat. You can register for a single clinic session ($30) on line at http://www.teamoregon.com/pmc or register at the door by cash or check. Our physical therapists will be there early to help you with any injury problems.

FREE Training Run July 14
The 16 or 18 mile training runs at 8 am this Saturday starts at lulemon 1231 NW Couch St, Portland, OR 97209. For driving directions see: http://www.teamoregon.com/pmc/training/runs/lululemondir.htm Pay parking is available in the garage underneath lululemon. Whole Food validates for 2 hours with a 10 dollar purchase. Free parking is on street few blocks up on the other side of the freeway, the nearby meters are mostly 90 mintues. The run will use the alternate lulu route on the West side of the river. It will use first 8 -9 miles of the mapped run http://www.teamoregon.com/maps/index.php?id=1528 . There will be 2 aid stations for out and back supplied by lululemon Carrying water or sports drink is recommended.

FREE Training Run July 21
The run will be 16 or 19 miles at 8 am on Wildwood Trail. For driving directions see: http://www.teamoregon.com/pmc/training/runs/wwdir.htm. PLEASE CARPOOL Do not plan to come up 53rd Drive unless you have 2 - 4 runners in your car. Cars parked over the white line on NW 53rd drive are subject to be ticketed and possibly towed.

Aid Stations!! There will be 2 aid stations on the course providing aid during the run used out and back. They are 4 -5 miles apart due to accessibility, we suggest runners carry a water bottle. There will be water at the stops. The marathon provides the supplies and you, the runners, provide the volunteers. In return for the free training runs, we ask that you volunteer to man an aid station one weekend during the training period. We only have these if you volunteer. You can sign up for your turn at the runs or by emailing .

For more information about the runs, go to http://www.teamoregon.com/pmc/runs/trainrun.htm. Pace groups are by marathon goal times, see the finding your pace group chart in the run information. If you have raced, go to http://www.teamoregon.com/publication/online/wizard.php and get your marathon goal based on your race times. Groups are led by volunteer experienced marathoners. Groups range from those able to run a marathon under 3 hours to those wanting to run 5 hours.

Don't forget to sign the waiver before you run.

Carpool Directions for Wildwood Runs
Either carpool from elsewhere or use the lot at the top of Skyline and NW Cornell Road. see http://www.teamoregon.com/maps/index.php?id=1435 Follow the directions to the run start, but drive up NW Cornell Road either from Portland or from Beaverton to Skyline Blvd. Either park in the lot on the NE corner of Skyline and Cornell and get a ride with other runners or pick up several before proceeding to NW 53rd DR. Volunteers group leaders will help with the parking. From Skyline, go down towards Portland, take the 2nd paved left 53rd Dr. Please respect private property and the muddy conditions. Plan to arrive at the lot by 7:30 am so that you can get to the start and sign the waiver before you run.

Volunteers Needed!!!
The Portland Marathon Training Clinic is a volunteer run event. We need volunteers for our training runs to have aid stations. We ask each runner to volunteer once during the training season.

The training runs at Vancouver Lake July 28 and on the marathon course Aug 11 need lots of volunteers so that you can practice with aid every 2 miles just like on marathon day. We need 10-12 volunteers for each day to keep you hydrated. To volunteer, email . Before your turn, we call or email and remind you and tell you where and when to arrive. When you show up, we give you jugs of water, already diluted sports drink, cups, pitchers, garbage bags and first aid supplies. Some volunteers have been known to provide special treats such as jelly beans, gummy bears or tootsie rolls. You can ask your family to help as well. If you've never been a volunteer, this is your opportunity to help your fellow marathoners. You can sign up for your turn at the runs or by emailing .

Training Tips
It's finally summer in the Northwest and probably where you live. For some suggestions on running in hot weather see http://www.teamoregon.com/publication/online/heat.html


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