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Kimberly Bernosky has been running for over 30 years. She started training with PMC in 1998 to help get her to her first marathon. Since then, she has run around 20 marathons including Boston twice and ones in Kenya, Antarctica, France & Italy. When not putting in mileage, (or nursing an injury), she owns and runs a restaurant, (Noble Rot), and hangs out with her French Bulldog, Chef.


1) FREE Weekend Training Run June 22
2) FREE Weekend Training Run June 29
3) Must PREREGISTER for Advanced Marathon Training Starts June 20
4) Training Tips


The run will be 13 , 15 or 16 miles at 8 am starting from at lululemon 1231 NW Couch St, Portland, OR 97209. For driving directions see: Pay parking is available in the garage underneath lululemon. Whole Food validates for 2 hours with a 10 dollar purchase. Free parking is on street few blocks up on the other side of the freeway, the nearby meters are mostly 90 minutes. The run will go down Couch, then south on the West side waterfront, over the Sellwood bridge to the Sellwood area. We'll use the first 6.5-8 miles of the mapped run You might want to bring your water bottle. There will aid stations at the 3 and 6.5 mile marks supplied by lululemon Carrying water or sports drink is recommended.


This weekend's training runs meet at 8 am at Duniway Park and will feature a 14 or 16 mile run along the Terwilliger asphalt trail. The runs will enter Tryon Creek State Park continuing to Lake Oswego, the turnaround. Any runner who want to run in a group for the listed distances is welcome. For a map of the route see Please no headphones, dogs or baby joggers.

For driving directions see There is NO PARKING at the track so you must use local streets. DO NOT EVEN TRY TO PARK AT THE TRACK. The run directors and the aid volunteers need to meet in that parking lot and you will be asked to leave. Go to SW Hooker, the traffic light at the new health club (old YMCA) and go east to the neighborhood and find a place.

There are bathrooms and a water fountain at the park. There are bathrooms and a water fountain at about the 1.5 mile mark.

For more information about the runs, go to Pace groups are by marathon goal times, see the finding your pace group chart in the run information. If you have raced, go to and get your marathon goal based on your race times. Groups are led by volunteer experienced marathoners. Groups range from those able to run a marathon under 3 hours to those wanting to run 5 hours.

Aid Stations!! There will be two aid stations on the course providing aid 4 times during the run. There will be water at the stop. The marathon provides the supplies and you, the runners, provide the volunteers. In return for the free training runs, we ask that you volunteer to man an aid station one weekend during the training period. You can sign up for your turn at the runs or by emailing . We need lots of volunteers for Saturday July 27 at Vancouver Lake and for Aug 10 on the Marathon Course. Before your turn, we call or email and remind you and tell you where and when to arrive. When you show up, we give you jugs of water, already diluted sports drink, cups, pitchers, garbage bags and first aid supplies. Some volunteers have been known to provide special treats such as jellybeans, gummy bears or tootsie rolls. You can ask your family to help as well. If you've never been a volunteer, this is your opportunity to help you fellow marathoners. Sign up this weekend or by email

Don't forget to sign the waiver before you run.


Achieve a faster, better marathon/half marathon by participating in the Advanced Marathon/ Half Marathon Training Program Thursday nights 6pm Duniway park. . This 16 week speedwork program is for experienced marathoners running either the Portland Marathon/Half marathon or other October, November marathons/half marathons. You need to preregister online and registrations are limited. The coaches are RRCA certified running coaches with over 30 years of experience coaching marathoners. They will guide the runners to set and achieve their marathon/half marathon goals while training in a fun and social group environment. For complete information see To register go to You must preregister online before June 20 and registration is limited. NO registration will be accepted at the track.


The Portland Marathon course has two significant hills. To train specifically, you need to be doing some runs on the hills. Check out "Killer Hill Approaches" for tips on hill running.


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