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Patti and Warren are 2 of the founders and directors of the Portland Marathon Training Clinic. Both have long time running, competition and coaching credentials. Each has run over 75 marathon, 75 ultramarathons and numerous shorter distance races. Over the 30 year history of PMC, they have coached thousands of beginners to complete their first marathons and thousands of others to improve their performances. They spent 7 years traveling around the USA teaching RRCA Coaching Certification after developing the curriculum. Both believe strongly in the community spirit of the Portland Marathon and are happy to provide the training runs, learning and coaching opportunities.


1) New Look for 2014
2) Training Run April 5
3) Training Tips


The 2014 Portland Marathon Training Clinic will include training for both beginners and those wanting to improve performance. Training runs will be Saturday mornings starting April 5 at various locations and at Duniway Park Track Thursday PMs starting June 21 staffed by our certified coaches. All will be able to access the online seminar webcasts at their leisure. Each runner will receive an online training log and schedule based on their individual level of training and ability. Participants will receive a copy of Marathoning Start to Finish and a technical running shirt. Register for the clinic before the kickoff to receive your training schedule before the April 5 run. Registration is $100. To register and for complete information go to


The FREE Kickoff Run for the 2013 Portland Training Clinic will be April 5 at 8 am at Mountain Hardwear, 722 SW Taylor, Portland. Mountain Hardwear will offer post run refreshments. Please leave your headphones, dogs and baby joggers at home.

These will be the first of the weekly training runs that take place Saturdays. The first run is a 4, 6 or 8 mile run on the waterfront. There are 12 pace groups led by experienced marathoners for marathon goals from under 3 hours to 5+ hours. The clinic provides some charts to help you pick your proper pace group and the volunteer leaders will help you run the right pace and have fun.


For an introduction to training science and philosophy see

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