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Marathon Clinic News 10/01/12

Portland Marathon Clinic

In this issue:
1) Packet Pickup and Expo/PMC Booth
2) Course Information
4) PMC Finish Tent
5) Tips for Marathoners

Marathon Entry:
Registration is closed. Marathon is full. No Refunds, Exchanges, Rollovers, Deferrals or Transfers
Packet Pickup & Expo - Hilton Hotel
Friday Oct 5 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday Oct 6 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
You will need your confirmation card and picture ID to pick up your race number.

Marathon Training Clinic Booth: The directors, coaches and pace group leaders of the Portland Marathon Training Clinic will be available at their booth down in the parking lot level at the expo for any last minute questions and advice. You can visit their tent in the finish area after the marathon.

Coaches Patti & Warren Finke will present “Planning Your Race” 1 pm Saturday Broadway Rooms 2 - 4 ­ Plaza Level, Hilton Hotel.

Marathon Course Information
See the Marathon course or get 2012 course map and course specific race splits. Scroll down to PMC INFO

PMC Finish Tent
Join us after you finish for some accolades and to share your marathon story. The coaches will be there, just past the finish line, next to the medical tent. We give hugs!!!
Last Minute Tips for Marathoners
The number one rule of marathoning "No new is good new". Wear, eat and drink only things you've worn or had before.

Wear just enough to be covered and comfortable, your core body temperature will be higher because you will be running faster. Check out the expected weather and dress for the warmest expected temperature. The best marathon weather would be 55 degrees and we expect the temperature to rise to the 70's. Best marathon performances are recorded wearing shorts and a singlet (racing tank top). Check out the selections of microfiber running and walking gear at the expo. You can leave your extra clothes in your corral and pick them down on SW First afterwards. You know you have the right clothes on if you are slightly chilly waiting for the start. You may use a garbage bag or throw away shirt to keep you warm at the start. Discard it only in a proper waste receptacle. DO NOT drop anything on the race course for others to trip on. Tights and jackets may lead to hyperthermia and dehydration. The marathon medical stations are most often used to treat those participants who are suffering from problems of overheating and dehydration.

Use the aid stations. There are aid stations approximately every 2 miles with water and Ultima . All marathoners need 6 -8 ounces of fluid for every 15 - 20 minutes of exercise. Drink accordingly. If you can't run and drink, walk for a few seconds to get down the fluids. Studies show increased performance by replenishing liver glycogen stores during the event. There will be Gummi Bears at 6 aid stations

Have fun, finish and get all your rewards! You will finish the marathon and get your medal,coin, blanket, tree and rose. Then you enter a marathoners only block that will have drinks and a variety of food. Plan to spend some cool down time in here walking around. The medical tent is located near then finish, if you need it. When you first finish food may not be appealing, but sounds better after a little walking around. Try to drink first, then eat a little. You can go to the Portland Marathon Training Clinic tent inside the finish area and meet your friends plus get some goodies. Get your "finisher's" shirt and other rewards. Meet your family at the predesignated place. Don’t forget to pick up any warm ups down in SW First. Stretch only after you have rehydrated, Use ice bath or cool shower for the first 24 hours after the race. Don't get in the hot tub until the next day to minimize tissue swelling . Go for a short walk later in the day and eat whatever sounds good.

Go to the Post Race party.


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