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Marathon Clinic News 03/15/17


DeeAnn began running over 40 years ago. She has run personal bests of 2:51 in the marathon and 35:53 for 10k, and set a Masters American Record in the 2000 meter steeplechase. DeeAnn , a physical therapist, started coaching runners in 1996 and has been a coach and director with the Portland Marathon Clinic since 2000. She is a certified coach through USA Track and Field (Level II) and Road Runners Club of America. DeeAnn specializes in the biomechanical evaluation and treatment of distance runners at Connect Physical Therapy in Lake Oswego. She also teaches yoga at Gudmestad Yoga Studio in Southwest Portland.


1) FREE Training Run April 8
2) Portland Marathon/Half Marathon Clinic 2017
3) "Marathoning Start to Finish"
4) Training Tips


What does FREE mean? FREE means this run is open to anyone who wants to run the distance with a group. You do not have be enrolled in the clinic. Later, when the runs are longer, we ask you to volunteer once during the season to staff an aid station for your fellow runners.

The FREE Kickoff Run for the 2017 Portland Training Clinic will be April 9, 8 am at Mountain Hardwear, 722 SW Taylor, Portland. Mountain Hardwear will offer post run refreshments. Please leave your headphones, dogs and baby joggers at home.

These will be the first of the weekly training runs that take place Saturdays. The first run is 4, 6 or 8 miles on the waterfront. There are 12 pace groups led by experienced marathoners for marathon goals from under 3 hours to 5+ hours. The clinic provides some charts to help you pick your proper pace group and the volunteer leaders will help you run the right pace and have fun.


All clinic participants can learn everything you need to know about marathoning through the on demand video webcasts. Topics include training plans, nutrition, physiology, psychology, flexibility/strength and speedwork. The $125 marathon clinic package includes the Saturday long run, a midweek coached run or track session , the new edition of "Marathoning Start to Finish", a personalized online training schedule and log and a micro fiber Portland Marathon Training Clinic shirt . The midweek runs will starting June 15. Runs will include fartlek, hill runs and track workouts to prepare runners to race the marathon. You can pre-register online at and have your training schedule with distance and pace before the first run.


The 5th edition of this training guide is available at
Start to Finish discusses the marathon from long term planning to post race recovery. It combines years of trial and error experience with up to date exercise physiology research. Since running the marathon is as much mental as physical, both psychological and physiological aspects of training and racing are integrated into a program for beginners through advanced runners. Included are 5 detailed training progressions and background information on physiology, psychology, nutrition and supplemental training.


For an introduction to training science and philosophy see


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