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Marathon Clinic News 07/10/17


Group leader Jerry has been running with PMC since 2005. He took off 2014 & 2015 to run 23 & 25 marathons and ultras. He was recently seen running the Cook Park marathon July 3rd where he finished 2nd overall. Why he likes to run with PMC: The endless inspiration of so many other runners - pace and distance is all relative, but [for me] the connections made during events/runs gives me the energy and desire to continue running.


1) Weekend Training Run July 15
2) Weekend Training Run July 22
3) Volunteers Needed for Aid Stations
4) Training Tips


The run this Saturday will be 16 or18 miles at 8 am from Mountain Hardwear, 722 SW Taylor, Portland. The doors will be open at 7:30 am. For directions to the start see This weeks run will be the 8- 9 miles of . Mtn Hardwear will provide 2 aid stations accessible both out and back, you will need to carry water for the hydration. No headphones, dogs or baby joggers please


The 16 or 19 mile training runs at 8 am this Saturday starts at Road Runner Sports 23rd, 29 NW 23rd, Portland.. For driving directions see: Parking in Uptown center lot 2 hours only, tickets will be given. Please find a 4 hour meter on the street or use the pay lot on 23rd & Glisan. The course will use the east side of the river route There will be 2 aid stations for out and back supplied by Roadrunner Sports. Carrying water or sports drink is recommended. Please no headphones, dogs or baby joggers. Carrying water or sports drink is recommended. Please no headphones, dogs or baby joggers

For more information about the runs, go to Pace groups are by marathon goal times, see the finding your pace group chart in the run information. If you have raced, go to and get your marathon goal based on your race times. Groups are led by volunteer experienced marathoners. Groups range from those able to run a marathon under 3 hours to those wanting to run 5 hours.


If you are joining the free runs, you are obligated to volunteer for one aid station during the summer. You have 3 chances left to fulfill this obligation for free runs. Sign by clicking The marathon provides the supplies and you, runners, provide the volunteers. Before your turn, we call or email and remind you and tell you where and when to arrive. When you show up, we give you jugs of water, already diluted sports drink, cups, pitchers, garbage bags and first aid supplies. Some volunteers have been known to provide special treats such as jelly beans, gummy bears or tootsie rolls. You can ask your family to help as well. If you've never been a volunteer, this is your opportunity to help your fellow marathoners.


Having trouble getting out the door for those long runs? Wonder how you'll get from 20 miles runs to 26.2? Most experienced marathoners know that much of the marathon preparation takes place in your head. For some tips on psychological preparation see If you have missed previous training tips, go to and check out all the various training articles for both running and walking.


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