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Marathon Clinic News 07/27/2017 corrected


Vancouver Lake route has osprey sightings and nests. Makes a great run.


1) Training Run July 29 Vancouver Lake
2) Training Run Aug 5 Road Runner Sports
3) Training Run Aid Stations-
4) Bus & Brunch Run Sept 9 NEED TO BUY A TICKET IN AUGUST


Flat 16, 18 or 20 mile runs are offered Saturday 8am at Vancouver Lake. The runs start at Vancouver Lake Park, 7 miles west of Vancouver. For driving directions see There is a $3 parking fee. Please NO headphones, dogs or baby joggers. There are nice restrooms and, of course, a cool shallow lake for wading after the run. You can bring a picnic to enjoy. If you are not ready for 20 miles, you can cut off for 16 or 18 miles. Take a look at the course on

For more information about the runs, go to Pace groups are by marathon goal times, see the finding your pace group chart in the run information. If you have raced, go to and get your marathon goal based on your race times. Groups are led by volunteer experienced marathoners. Groups range from those able to run a marathon under 3 hours to those wanting to run 5 hours.


The run for this weekend will be 16 or 20 miles starting from Road Runner Sports Tualatin at 8 am. For driving directions see: > This week's course will be a scenic run through Tualatin using the first 8- 10 miles of the route see RRS will offer 2 aid stations at mile 4 & 8 both out and back, but we suggest carrying a water bottle for better hydration.


If you are training using the free long runs, you must volunteer for an aid station there are 2 Saturdays left to fulfill your obligation Volunteer are needed for Aug 12 on the marathon course and Sept 9 for the brunch run. You may use family and friends to help. If they volunteer on Brunch run day, they get to enjoy a free brunch with you. The marathon provides the supplies and you, the runners, provide the volunteers. You can sign up on Before your turn, we call or email and remind you and tell you where and when to arrive. When you show up, we give you jugs of water, already diluted sports drink, cups, pitchers, garbage bags and first aid supplies. Some volunteers have been known to provide special treats such as jelly beans, gummy bears or tootsie rolls. If you've never been a volunteer, this is your opportunity to help you fellow marathoners.


This run is a mystery tour and the only one that REQUIRES YOU TO PURCHASE A TICKET AHEAD OF TIME. The $10 tickets will be available at the training runs and online throughout August only. The run starts and finishes at Willamette Park where a brunch will be served. The ticket is for the bus ride and the brunch and the last day to purchase a ticket is Sept 3. Run is only open to ticket holders.


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