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Marathon Clinic News 08/07/2017


Coaches ready and waiting at the finish line SW 3rd & Salmon. They'll have special treats for you. Come join us for a look at much of the new course.


1) Training Run Aug 12
2) Training Run Aug 19
3) Aid Stations - URGENT Volunteers Needed
4) Bus & Brunch Run Saturday Sept 9


The 20 mile run this weekend will cover parts of the 2010 and this year's marathon course. For your safety and aid station convenience, it will be a loop out Hwy 30 and back down Willamette Blvd. The run starts and finishes at SW 4th & Main . To find the start, see PMC will host post run refreshments. for the course map. This is a 20 mile run on a loop course with no shortcuts or shorter distance options. Do not attempt this run unless you have recently completed a long run of 16 miles. Everyone MUST follow the safety rules which include staying on sidewalks where available, NO baby joggers, NO headphones, NO bikes. You must run with and stay with a group for your safety. Participants will need to park in the nearby parking garages. On street parking meters have 1 hour limits on Saturday. You must sign the waiver before you run. There will be 8 aid stations with water and sports drink along the run.

For more information about the runs, go to Pace groups are by marathon goal times, see the "finding your pace group" chart in the run information. If you have raced, go to and get your marathon goal based on your race times. Groups are led by volunteer experienced marathoners. Groups range from those able to run a marathon under 3 hours to those wanting to run 5 hours.

The 16 mile training run at 8 am this Saturday starts at Road Runner Sports 23rd, 29 NW 23rd, Portland. For driving directions see: Parking in Uptown center lot is 2 hours only, tickets will be given. Please find a 4 hour meter on the street or use the pay lot on 23rd & Glisan. The course will use the east side of the river route There will be 2 aid stations for out and back supplied by Road Runner. Carrying water or sports drink is recommended. Please no headphones, dogs or baby joggers.


We need urgently volunteers for this wekend's course run and the brunch run Sept 9. Ask your family to help out, either day. They get brunch on Sept 9 too. Before your turn, we call or email and remind you and tell you where and when to arrive. When you show up, we give you jugs of water, already diluted sports drink, cups, pitchers, garbage bags and first aid supplies. Some volunteers have been known to provide special treats such as jelly beans, gummy bears or tootsie rolls. You can ask your family to help as well. If you've never been a volunteer, this is your opportunity to help you fellow marathoners. To volunteer, click on
or email


The Saturday run will be a mystery tour. Buses leave the parking lot at 7:30 am. You will be bused from the parking lot at Willamette Park to a secret location and run back to the Park where you will get some brunch. The run will be 20 miles one way. You must purchase tickets ahead of time, space on the buses is limited. The tickets are $10 and are available at the training runs or online Print your receipt to act as your ticket. All tickets MUST be purchased by Sept 2 and NONE will be available the day of the run. No ticket, no bus! You will need to purchase a ticket and ride the bus to do the run. There are no refunds on bus tickets; the run is for ticket holders only.

Parking at Willamette Park .You must pay to park at Willamette Park using the City meters and the parking is limited. We suggest you carpool and park in the local neighborhood.


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